MDG launches new business update ‘The Hub’

29 November 2016

Welcome to MDG's launch of its new business update 'The Hub', which will allow us to share with you our plans, products and partnerships being brought on stream to support our clients in the insurance services, medical screening and physiotherapy assessment markets.

As part of Capita's extensive outsourcing and support services for the insurance and financial services sectors, MDG is focused on enhancing its medical screening and data management products with key partners, to reflect the growing demands of emerging digital service markets.

Consumers continue to shift towards accessing online services, and to expect ever-quicker response times and decisions; insurers are always aspiring to improve their application and revenue cycles; insurance providers, IFAs and suppliers are facing ever-greater demands to address data security issues and to meet client protection requirements. All of these things mean that the days of paper records, and of faxing, scanning and posting client reports, are numbered. Within the Capita group, our focus is now on closing the loop on cyber security processes. We have been challenged by those leading this shift for the 'digital one-touch model' and we have a path mapped out towards bringing the client and screening services ever closer to the first application contact.

After extensive consultation with insurance leaders, Capita has been able to assess these market needs and has, over the course of 2016, invested in MDG's technology platform to support this shift. We are now building upon our long-standing reputation for a service that's personal and focused on the customer experience. IT development is, as we know, not without its challenges and these can occasionally impact on our clients. It has been a 12-month journey of learning and testing, but the business is now well placed, with a strong platform for the new service models and challenges ahead.

Over the course of the next 12 months we will be developing services that will increase our coverage of medical condition screenings, providing new patient testing services and result analysis with clients, and moving into health monitoring and health assurance activities to augment policy products for our partners. In addition, we will be looking at the increasingly digitised world of wearable technologies and electronic health records, with the aim of closing the gap that presently exists between the weeks and months it takes to gather evidence and the instant access to information that the digital world is making us all accustomed to.

MDG has always been at the forefront of relationship development, and we are once again looking ahead and leading the charge into the technology-led insurance and protection futures.

Kevin Pritchard

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